Predicted End Times for concerts and performing arts events

Published on October 18, 2023

Predicted End Times now extended to concerts and performing arts events 

Predicted end times is a feature unique to PredictHQ that accurately predicts the end time of events, even if the end time is not available via any other data sources. Previously, we had Predicted End Times for sports events which has been widely used across a variety of customers—especially our ride hailing and transportation clients—to have a more accurate picture of when events were expected to end. We have now extended this feature to our performing arts and concerts event categories! This update impacts over 3 million concerts and over 3.5 million performing arts events in our system.

Performing arts events include stand-up comedy, theater, and musicals and similar to sports, commonly do not have end times from other sources. Here are a few examples of performing arts events now updated with predicted end times: 

We also calculate predicted end times for all concert events looking at the genre of the concert (such as pop music, rock, electronic and so on) and many other factors to calculate end times for concerts.

Accurate data around when an event will end is particularly useful for major events that impact traffic levels, transportation providers, and delivery times. Event data from other sources like Ticketmaster will typically include a start time but are often missing end times all together, and some only post the end times after events like sports games have ended. 

How Predicted End Times improves demand planning

Operators in various industries use predicted end times to better understand and then predict how demand will change just after an event. This level of detail powers their ability to plan for changes in customer movement, such as people needing transportation or making purchases nearby.

Reliably knowing when a major event will end means you can fine-tune your staffing, inventory, and pricing in advance to maximize profitability. For example, with the use of predicted end times:

  • Restaurants near theaters and other major venues know exactly when to expect a rush of customers after each game, concert, or other impactful event held nearby. 

  • Transportation and rideshare companies know when to incentivize their driver networks and schedule buses or trains to pick up and drop off attendees at events. Even scooter companies can make sure they’ve placed enough of their inventory in the right areas to be ready for post event demand. 

  • On-demand delivery companies who have insight into when major events will end and traffic is bound to increase, helps them avoid these areas to maintain speedy delivery times.

Where to find Predicted End Times in our platform

You can find out more about Predicted End Times in our technical documentation and in Control Center, our web application. When an event has a predicted end time, we show the predicted end time in the search results and in the event details: