Predicted Events: Unlocking a new way to see into the future

Published on September 26, 2023
Campbell Brown
CEO & Co-Founder

Over the years we have become extremely adept at tracking, verifying, and building world-first intelligence around known events so that businesses like Uber, Dominos, Walgreens and more can automate their visibility on what events are impacting their demand. However, we couldn't predict these events occurring before they were announced. Until now. Thanks to our vast amount of data, machine learning models, and advancements in AI, that has all changed.

With the release of our latest version of the Predicted Events feature, our customers can now look even further into the future to adapt their operations or train their models to what will impact their demand. This is a major breakthrough, and it gives our customers a huge competitive advantage, in a world where many still find it challenging to wrangle the complexities of the real-world.

See events occurring 7.5 months before anyone else

With Predicted Events, we can give our customers a high probability prediction of an event occurring on average 7.5 months before anyone else. This means that they can adapt faster, smarter, and sooner than their competitors.

For example, let's say a hotel chain wants to know how many guests to expect at one of their hotels based on a nearby event. With Predicted Events, they can see that even before tickets go on sale, that a major music festival is scheduled to take place within just a mile of their hotel in September. This gives them plenty of time to adjust their staffing levels, room pricing, and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Or, let's say an airline wants to know how much demand there will be for flights to a certain destination. With Predicted Events, they can understand with high probability that a major sporting event is scheduled to take place in that destination in July well before this event is widely promoted. This gives them time to add more flights to that destination and manage pricing more effectively to take advantage of the increased demand.

Predicted Events is just one example of how we are using AI to revolutionize how events are impacting businesses. We are also developing new models that can predict not just the impact of events on local businesses, but even the economy.

As AI continues to surge and cement itself as the norm, not the outlier such as the internet rapidly disrupting print, the businesses that hold unique data to train the next-gen of AI models will continue to advance and innovate. As I mentioned years ago, data is to AI as food is to humans. And we are only at the beginning of how these unique sources of intelligence will be leveraged to help businesses thrive.

How Predicted Events can help your business

Just like our standard events can help you adapt your business to the real world, Predicted Events can do the same… but even sooner. Here are just some of the ways events can assist your business:

  • Planning ahead: With Predicted Events, you can see what events are likely to happen in the future, and plan accordingly. This can help you to optimize your staffing levels, inventory, and marketing campaigns.

  • Making better decisions: Predicted Events can help you to make better decisions about where to allocate your resources. For example, if you know that a major event is likely to happen in a certain city, you can increase your marketing efforts in that city to attract more visitors.

  • Staying ahead of the competition: Predicted Events can give you a competitive advantage by helping you to see what events are likely to happen before your competitors do. This can give you time to adjust your plans accordingly and take advantage of the opportunity.

If you are looking for a way to improve your business, Predicted Events is a great option. Contact us today to learn more about how Predicted Events can help you.