Reveal demand trends at scale with Beam Group Analysis

Published on April 17, 2024

If you have dozens, or even hundreds of stores across a large region that you are managing forecasting for, these latest advancements to PredictHQ’s demand analysis tool will help you do this at scale. Traditionally, Beam's Feature Importance would analyze each location individually, resulting in accurate insights and forecasting improvements for one location at a time

Although accurate, leveraging and incorporating  one location at a time could be very time consuming – not to mention the fact that your forecasting models may not be geared towards single-store forecasts to begin with.

Beam just got a major upgrade with Group Analysis, a powerful new feature that lets you unlock regional demand insights and streamlines your forecasting workflow. Now you can group your locations together based on:

  • Geography: Analyze demand drivers across entire states, regions, or even countries.

  • Marketing Areas: Understand category importance within specific marketing zones you target with tailored campaigns.

  • Logistics Zones: Gain insights into demand variations across your distribution network.

By analyzing groups of locations together, Beam Group Analysis delivers a best-fit category importance result and insights for the entire group. This gives you a clear picture of the key categories driving demand across your entire region.

Beam Group Analysis is available via API and UI so it's accessible to everyone, whether you prefer a code-driven approach or a user-friendly interface. Use the tool to:

  • Gain insights into the key categories driving demand across all locations within a group

  • Focus on the most impactful features that directly influence your category importance results

  • Reduce noise from non-critical categories, leading to more accurate forecasts

  • Identify the categories that cause the most demand fluctuations at scale, allowing you to better predict and prepare for shifts

Beam Group Analysis is a game-changer for businesses managing multiple locations. It streamlines the analysis process, delivers sharper insights, and empowers you to make data-driven decisions at scale that optimize your bottom line.

Ready to unlock the power of regional demand insights? Log in or book your demo today to see how Beam Group Analysis can drastically improve your forecasting process.