Track events around your business with Location Insights updates

Published on July 12, 2022
Valerie Williams
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Location Insights is a feature in Control Center where you can easily add and track your locations of interest to identify future event impact most relevant to your business. Since it was launched in June 2022, we’ve added a number of features to further enhance and streamline your experience. Read on to find out what we’ve added to Location Insights.

Suggested radius integration

The suggested radius function within Location Insights recommends a radius size for you, and is automatically filled in for center point & radius location types. 

How does this feature provide informed recommendations? Suggested radius looks at the population density of the location you’ve selected and automatically sets the radius based on population density data. For example, if you are in the middle of Manhattan, your suggested radius is more likely to be 500 meters (around 0.3 miles) whereas if you are in a more rural location like Cooperstown, New York, your radius may be closer to 8 kilometers (5 miles).


Note that you can also override the suggested radius and input your own radius. You may want to look at a larger area if you are a hotel looking at how far people may travel by car or other transportation methods. You can look at how many events show up in the event details page and adjust accordingly. You will also start to determine the ideal radius per location over time if you’d rather input the radius yourself. 

In the future we have additional improvements coming including calculating radius based on industry, number of events in the area, and more.

Control Center dashboard updates

Location Insights are now included in the dashboard of our web application called  Control Center!  With this improvement, the dashboard lists your top 5 locations sorted by highest Predicted Attendance.

Another enhancement we’ve made to the dashboard is that we’ve replaced the usage graph with a set of tiles with key Control Center features –  like Location Insights, search, using the API, and setting up notifications. Why? We wanted to give you easy access to the features you will likely use the most to understand how events impact your business.


Public sharing feature

Take advantage of the public sharing feature to share locations with your colleagues who may not have access to Control Center yet. This way, you can keep everyone up to date on which locations will be seeing significant spikes – or dips – in demand, whether they have an account with PredictHQ or not.

To do this open the location details page, click on the share button and send the URL to your colleague. For example, see the page for the San Francisco Marriott Union Square.


Log in today to try the new enhancements for yourself!