Use Location Insights for instant demand insights for your business locations

Published on April 06, 2022

Instantly view relevant demand insights for each of your business locations

Location Insights is a new feature coming to PredictHQ’s Web UI (Control Center) soon that enables rapid insights into your business's locations. This update makes PredictHQ even easier to use and improves the relevancy and speed of search, notifications, and more.  

For example, imagine you run a hotel chain and want to better understand how events influence room occupancy. Upload your hotel locations and then see how events impact them within your Location Insights dashboard. 

Or let’s say you want to look at the impact of events on a restaurant chain, then you can easily add the addresses of your restaurants to see what events like large sports games, festivals, concerts, or even severe weather are happening around your locations. 

Or, maybe you manage the supply chain for your company and want to monitor events at a city or state level. You can upload a list of cities into Control Center to quickly scan them all at a glance. There is huge flexibility to add any type of location.

Use Location Insights to:

  • See details and insights about what is happening at an individual location

  • View how events impact a list of locations

  • Sort by impact to find the most impacted locations

  • Search for events around your specific locations

  • Set up notifications specific to your locations

  • See the total daily event impact for a given location

  • See locations and events on a map to quickly understand demand

Quickly upload all of your locations to view nearby events impacting them 

There are multiple ways to add business locations:

  • Add locations using a list of street addresses

  • Add locations by entering latitude/longitude coordinates

  • Add locations for a city, county, state, or country

The best part? Once uploaded, locations are saved in Control Center for quick and repeat access.

blog image - saved locations add location

Get rapid insights on your locations

Each location will quickly show you what's happening within a chosen radius and time period. You’ll be able to view and sort all location stats at a glance, which include:

  • A display of events within a selected radius for each store location

  • The total number of attended, non-attended events, and unscheduled events that are in close proximity to your locations

  • Total predicted attendance for the listed events

With an accurate list of events within a specific distance of your locations, you can quickly understand which events are relevant to you, and adjust your inventory, staffing, or pricing strategy accordingly.

blog image - All Saved Locations

Each saved location will also include links to:

  • Search for events at your location within your selected radius

  • Create notifications for a location to automatically get notified around when new events are scheduled or events have changed near a given location 

  • See daily event impact for a location, which makes it easy to quickly identify when to expect a significant change in demand

Get detailed insights for each location

The location details page allows you to zoom into each location and see details about what’s happening there. You can do this for a location at a point (for example, based on an address) or for a whole city, state, or even a country. 

If you’re a regional manager, you might want to monitor a number of cities on the west coast of the United States– you can easily upload the list and then look at the event details page for each city and get an overview of events across the city.

The event details page includes the following:

  • Display of events on a map either within a specific radius, or for an entire location

  • Zoom in and out to see exactly where events are occurring around your location

  • Location insights:

    • Total predicted attendance

    • Number of attended events

    • Number of non-attended events

    • Number of unscheduled events

  • See a complete list of events with full event details including:

    • Ranks

    • Attendance

    • Event title

    • Labels

    • Event description

    • and more

  • Click events from the list to see the event details page

  • This page also includes links to our event search and to create notifications

And don’t forget to bookmark your event location pages to pull up details for key locations even faster.

blog image- saved locations details

Stay tuned for the official launch coming soon

We can’t wait to launch Location Insights so you can easily see what’s happening at your businesses sites. Stay tuned for the announcement of the official launch coming this quarter!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Location Insights, or you know it's a feature you want, contact our team today.