Upcoming Events in the USA in 2021: Leading Demand Indicators June 7

Published on June 06, 2021
Matthew Hicks
Director of Data Assurance

Upcoming Events in the USA in 2021: Leading Demand Indicators June 7

Event scheduling is up by 67% this month, with tens of thousands of events locking in dates for the rest of the year. States are rolling back restrictions and almost half of America has been vaccinated (41% as June 7). The path towards full economic recovery is clear, but it will be different for each state and city.

We will cover off on the types of events being booked and busiest cities below as we always do in these reports. Companies urgently need not just to track what's happening in every store at the moment, but also to pay close attention to how swiftly the situation on the ground is changing. This insight will be critical for next week’s rosters and inventory logistics, as well as recruitment and rebound strategies into the coming months. For example, the events in June will generate more than $1.6 billion in demand for retail, transport and accommodation.

As of the final week in May, we began publishing a graph of the states booking in the most events each week. This week, it looks like this:


But it would be a mistake to assume that California is the state recovering the fastest overall - despite it scheduling so many events it's making Wisconsin and Oklahoma's rescheduling look negligible. But these two states are in the top 10 states with a total predicted attendance closest to their pre-pandemic levels, whereas California is in the bottom 10.

Last week, we shared more information on how PredictHQ’s models calculate and assign a predicted attendance to each attendance-based event (i.e. not events such as school holidays or academic events, which are high impact but not attendance based).

While states such as Wisconsin and Oklahoma, as well as Nevada and Texas, are rapidly catching up to their 2019 event activity levels, it’s the cities that are rebounding fast off a low base that are most likely to catch out companies as their stores and locations experience sharp increases in demand they’re not prepared for. For example, demand forecasters should be paying particular attention to the cities below, which have experienced the most events being booked in this week.

The fastest rebounding cities this week

It’s a familiar set of cities at the top of the list this week for regular Leading Demand Indicators Report readers, with the notable exception of Austin, which joins the top 10 list for the first time. Last week's new additions, San Diego and San Francisco continue to recover swiftly, as California catapults towards the lifting of its remaining restrictions on June 15.


Upcoming events by category for June to December 2021


As you can see, concerts and performing arts events are by far the most frequently scheduled events. This mirrors pre-pandemic times, when there were more concerts and performing arts events than most other events. This is why using PredictHQ’s predicted attendance by event and our tools to assist you with correctly aggregating all relevant events to arrive at reliable forecasts are critical. We just launched a Features API to turn days worth of data science and dev work into a couple of minutes.

Understand events in context

Adding forecast grade event data into your demand forecasting enables you to make your forecasts real-world aware. It stops you from assuming every city looks like the one you live in, and that all stores in the city will follow similar patterns, when major events or clusters of smaller events can drive sharp spikes that can be prepared for, if you know they’re coming.

For example, below are the aggregate event impact graphs for three major cities over the next six months, each with a different pattern of event impact: Seattle, San Francisco and Austin. These graphs display the combined impact of all attended events for the cities and give an overview the pattern of these events:

  • There are more than 561 events ranked as important, significant or major in Seattle this year, and more added every week. 

  • There are more than 446 events ranked as important, significant or major in San Francisco this year, and more added every week.  

  • There are more than 432 events ranked as important, significant or major in Austin this year, and more added every week. 

Get in touch with our team to get access to the cities and kinds of events that are most impactful for your business. We work with all of our customers to identify the most relevant events, using our seven years of historical event data to identify the impact of your historical data.

Seattle, Washington


San Francisco, California


Austin, Texas


PredictHQ is supplying our customers with impactful events across the world, both verified and standardized, from 19 categories in one API. To find out how leading companies such as Uber, Domino’s and major hotel chains are using this data, explore our use cases