Conferences can have a major impact on demand

Conferences gather large groups of people, often for several days, and can majorly impact demand. Upcoming conferences including workshops, seminars and other large dynamic meetings need to be in your forecasts.

Conferences Impact Businesses

You need insight into demand shifts from conferences.

PredictHQ aggregates, cleans and enriches conference data from many sources to ensure your business has visibility into their demand impact all over the world, whether it's a massive conference like Dreamforce or smaller conference such as the Tacoma RV Show.

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conferences in the USA on average per month
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Upcoming Events

Top conferences events happening in the next 90 days

There are often hundreds, if not thousands of conferences that happen every month. In order to best prepare, you need to have insight into the impactful conferences coming up. These are a sample size of the top conferences happening in the next three months that may have an impact on your business.

Forecast ready data

Get up and running quickly with our conferences data

We’ve created a Jupyter notebook around how to integrate scheduled, attendance-based data such as conferences into your models to help your Data Science teams get up and running quickly. It includes provide guides to using our API and data with common Data Science tools and libraries in Python.

Event labels

We capture 50+ different labels for conferences

Once our machine learning models sort events into the conferences category, highly specialized NLP models kick in, enabling further refined searches. For example, your business may be heavily affected by agricultural conferences so being able to filter down to specific labels, you can focus on the most relevant conferences to your business.

Predicted Attendance

Better understand conference impact through reliable attendee count

PredictHQ models identify a specific predicted attendance for each conference, because conferences of a wide range of sizes are often in the same venue so your models can't rely on venue capacity. Knowing how many people will attend means you can meet demand without wastage or surplus staffing.

Predicted impact

Understand impact with PredictHQ Ranks

A conference of 500 people may not be a big deal in New York, but it would be in Aspen, Colorado. Our Local Rank™ factors in population density, transport routes and more so smaller but high impact conferences aren’t missed.

Aggregate Event impact

Identify trends through aggregation

Not all conferences are created equal, nor do they occur in a vacuum. Conferences and other types of ticketed, attended events draw in large amounts of people. If your business is located near conference venues, you need to look at the total number of people expected to be in a given area for events on a given day. We aggregate the impact of attended events by location so you can quickly identify high impact dates to make your demand forecasting smarter.

You can’t prepare for what you don’t see coming

Harness the power of demand intelligence

Knowing the impact of demand causal factors like events will transform your business. The American Society of Hematology has a $45M estimated economic impact — and that's only one event in one city.

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