What are labels?

Labels are generally one to two-word summaries to help give some descriptive detail about an event. Categories are a broader classification of events and include sports, conferences, expos, festivals, public holidays, etc. Labels are a more detailed level of classification that is below the category level.

For example, events in the disasters category may have the label "earthquake", "volcano" or "avalanche". Sports will have a label that indicates the sports type or sports league such as "soccer", "baseball", "NFL", "cricket", and so on.

Labels are particularly helpful when looking at events in your search results list because sometimes just looking at the title of an event, it might not necessarily be clear what the event is.

You can also filter by labels to get very granular results.  You can filter on labels in the Control Center search by choosing a label or labels in the labels field.

Match all selected labels means that when you hit that search button, each event listing in your list of results should contain all your selected labels.

For example, if you select the labels "holiday-national" and "holiday-religious" then you can expect to get results like this:


"Match at least one selected label" means that when you hit that search button, each event listing in your list of results should contain at least one of your selected labels.

For example, if you select the labels "holiday-national" and "holiday-religious" then you can expect to get results like:


Because labels get you down to a very granular filter, we recommend for starters searching with your main filters first such as Category, Locations, PHQ Rank, and Date then when looking at your results if you see a label appearing that you want just those results for, use the Labels filter to then refine.

Alternatively, select all categories and then filter just by specific labels if you want to look for specific type of events.

For a full list of labels, please see our Technical Documentation.