Control Center Search

Searching for events in Control Center


Find events with our easy-to-use search tool. Increase visibility into the millions of different events happening around the world to understand which ones may have an impact on your business. See results in a variety of ways, including a list, map, or calendar view.


Note that search is set up to display events that you have access to under your subscription. So if you have access to specific cities like New York and Boston, you will only see events from those cities.

The timezone used in the search is the timezone set in your profile within Control Center.

To use it, choose the categories, locations, ranks, and date range you want to search. The search supports the following filters:

  • Categories - choose one or more categories to view events under those categories. See our categories page for an overview.

  • Labels - Within categories, we have different labels. For example, labels within the sports category indicate what type of sporting event you are looking at.

  • Rank - Filter by one of our 3 ranks: PHQ Rank, Local Rank, or Aviation Rank. Higher ranked events will tend to be larger events. PHQ Rank is based on the number of people predicted to attend the event. Filter for large PHQ rank events to find large events in your area. Find out more about our ranks here.

  • Date range - specify the date range. You can search for future, or past events. Choose from preconfigured date ranges, or set a custom date range on the calendar. Note that the date ranges available are limited by what you have access to in your subscription.

  • Event status - By default, status shows active events. Change the status in order to view cancelled or postponed events.

  • PHQ Attendance - Filter by PHQ attendance to find events above a certain attendance, or within an attendance range. PHQ attendance indicates how many people our advanced models predict will attend an event. For example, you might want to find all events of 10,000 PHQ attendance and above for a city. To do that, set the from value to 10,000.


Choose your location

When searching for events, a key value to choose is the location or locations you want to search. By default, if you don't set locations the search will return events for all the locations that you have access to under your subscription. We support 3 options for setting your location:

  • Location Insights - You can search your locations in the new Location Insights tab and select a location to search on that location. Location Insights allows you to set up locations and then search on those locations or view insights and details for each location. Once your main locations are set up it's easy to enter them on the search page or use the location insights list. Location Insights allows you to search events around a street address or business address. With this option, you enter an address and a radius to see all events in the selected area.

  • City, State, Country - This option allows you to search geographic areas. Entering a search term in this tab will find matching locations. With this tab you can select a small area like a neighborhood like "The Bronx" in New York, or select an entire city, a county, a state or region, or an entire country. So you could enter Seattle in the US or enter France at the country level to search the whole of France. When you select this option, you are searching for all events in the selected geographic area. Under the hood, this uses our places API.

  • Center Point & Radius - This option allows you to enter latitude, longitude, and radius to search for events in an area. You can do the same thing with Location Insights. The Center Point & Radius option corresponds to the" within" field in the events API. This option is provided in order to allow you to enter latitude and longitude if you wish to search that way. We'd encourage you to check out how to add a location in Location Insights as an alternative to using this option (both options use the within field under the hood).

Locations Control in the Control Center Search

List view

The Control Center List view shows a list of events. The events shown are based on the filters you've selected. You can change the page size at the bottom of the list to show more events. By default, the list view will show all the events available in your subscription.

List view in the CC search.

Events are ordered by the sort parameter. Choose your sort values and run your search to see a list of events that you have access to under your plan.


The list view calls our events API to get back the events data. All the data you see in the list view can be retrieved using the API. See our tech docs for more info on using the API.

Map view

Try our map view to see the events on a map.


Calendar view

The calendar will show you upcoming events in a week, month or year view.


Live TV events

See Live TV Events in Control Center.

Exporting events

See Export events data from Control Center.