Blue Yonder + PredictHQ partner to bring retailers deeper business insights

Published on June 22, 2022
Richard Bray
Chief Operating Officer

External factors – such as events – drive demand up and down for different store locations in various ways. Events such as concerts and sports cause a spike in demand for nearby retailers, while other events such as severe weather limit the ability to move freely, driving demand down for those same locations. Understanding how events impact demand for your stores enables businesses to make data-driven decisions about staffing, inventory, and planning. 

PredictHQ delivers Blue Yonder retail customers a turnkey solution that reveals demand catalysts at scale

PredictHQ will integrate its data from four event categories – school holidays, public holidays, religious and cultural observances, and academic events – into Blue Yonder’s demand planning solution giving its customers access to verified, standardized and enriched data. Customers can elect to extend the enriched data categories to also include sports events, concerts or even natural disasters.