Smarter forecasts with Blue Yonder and PredictHQ

Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Their Luminate Demand Edge solution includes four of PredictHQ’s demand intelligence categories and can extend to the full set of 19 categories.

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High quality context for every store

Blue Yonder’s machine learning includes events

Reduce forecast errors to plan smarter

Blue Yonder ingests hundreds of demand-driving variables and uses machine learning to provide unique demand projections with calculated business impact and risk. The model is designed to understand the correlations between data like price, promotions, weather, and more to predict demand rather than rely on history repeating itself. Their Luminate Demand Edge solution can produce even more intelligent forecasts with the addition of PredictHQ’s demand intelligence.

Understand what drives your demand at scale

Understand what drives your demand at scale

Blue Yonder’s machine learning insights are getting even smarter with PredictHQ’s demand intelligence. Built into Blue Yonder’s forecasts now are all key regional and national holidays including school holidays, as well as religious and cultural observance days and college dates, courtesy of our partnership. Blue Yonder customers can also access the full suite of our categories (19 and counting) such as sports, conferences and community events.


Demand has never been so unpredictable

Grocery stores and retailers were flung into a period of intense, urgent innovation by COVID-19 as consumer behaviors changed rapidly. Many of these, such as the rise in e-commerce, are here to stay. Events drive demand and footfall fluctuations need to be factored into your forecasts. Understanding which events impact your business as part of Blue Yonder’s intelligence is essential to predicting disruptions and pivoting for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Getting started with Blue Yonder and PredictHQ

Getting started with Blue Yonder and PredictHQ

Connect with PredictHQ Experts and Blue Yonder Solution Advisors or reach out to your Blue Yonder customer success team members to evaluate getting started with PredictHQ’s intelligent event data and Blue Yonder’s Luminate Demand Edge.

  • Determine what drives demand

    Blue Yonder factors in hundreds of variables to inform strategies. Understanding which events impact your demand enables your models to respond to demand anomalies swiftly and accurately.

  • Create and use the AI models that you need

    Build responsive forecasts and scenario planning by factoring in holidays, observances and college dates, which drive people movement and purchasing.

  • Improve forecasting and see results

    Have confidence in reliable models that have accurate, relevant data incorporated so you can invest your team’s time in driving results.

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