Find out how youth sports events impact your business

Published on July 12, 2023

We’re excited to announce youth sports for the US have been added to the PredictHQ platform! You can now access youth basketball, soccer, and baseball events such as games, tournaments, tryouts, leagues, camps, and more within our web application and API. 

Families, friends, and communities travel to watch youth sports tournaments, which drives up demand and spending for accommodation, transportation, restaurants, groceries and other local businesses nearby. According to the Sports Events and Tourism Association Report, in 2021, direct spending impact for travel to amateur and youth sports totaled $39.7 billion – generating a total economic impact of $91.8 billion. 

Youth sports includes any sports event where competitors are younger than adult age. This includes elementary, middle, and high school sports, as well as sports played outside of the realm of education. It does not, however, include college sports which are already part of PredictHQ’s data set. 

How youth sports events work in our platform

Knowing how many people will attend games like this and how it will impact your business can be hard to determine. Youth sports includes a machine learning model that dynamically predicts attendance at the games and ranks them. That, along with PredictHQs other tools, allows you to model the impact on your business. The ranking model uses the following factors to predict attendance and rank:

  • Type of sport

  • Age group

  • Level

  • Gender

  • Population density

  • Number of students

  • and more

Youth sports events are part of the sports category and have the youth-sport label. You can see youth sports by querying on the label in our web application, or simply by querying the API by the label.

search - youth sport

Some examples of youth sports events are shown below:

What this means for sports event data coverage

With the addition of Youth Sports, we have added a total of 24,000 events, with around 10,000 events per year. The youth sports event coverage is for the US as represented in the map below:

youth sport coverage

Explore the impact youth sports events have on your business

Youth sports events have a notable impact on nearby restaurants, accommodation providers, transportation companies, restaurants, parking operators, and more. These events act as demand catalysts as families travel to watch youth sports tournaments, which drives up spend in the local economy. For example, one of our customers found that attendees of youth sports events visit more places in the local area than non-attendees.

Log in to your PredictHQ account now to discover the volume, predicted attendance, predicted event spend, and more for youth sports events within proximity to your business locations.