Our PredictHQ intelligent event data is now available via Datarade

Published on May 30, 2023

PredictHQ, the leading provider of global event data, is thrilled to announce that our data is now available on the global data marketplace Datarade. This collaboration means that businesses can more easily access and make use of event data to drive actionable insights.

Datarade has established itself as a trusted data ecommerce platform, connecting data buyers with over 700 data providers across various industries in The Datarade Marketplace, now including PredictHQ.

We have listed a couple of different data sets for users to be able to access and test our data. We’ve provided sample historical data sets for the entire state of California and for Seattle, Washington from 2021 to 2023 for different event categories, including:

  • Attended events such as sports, concerts, festivals, conferences, and performing arts 

  • Non-attended events such as as school holidays, academic dates, and public holidays

  • Unscheduled events such as severe weather, natural disasters, and health warnings

  • Live TV broadcasted events

Whether you are already using Datarade’s marketplace to access other third-party data and this partnership makes getting your hands on PredictHQs seamless, or you’re interested in accessing and testing PredictHQ’s data via a centralized and trusted marketplace, we hope these listings make it easy for you and your business. 

By leveraging PredictHQ's data via Datarade, businesses can unlock valuable insights into event-driven fluctuations in demand, and maximize profitability by aligning their operations to match. Download the free sample PredictHQ datasets on The Datarade Marketplace to unlock the power of demand intelligence today.