PredictHQ predicts Super Bowl LVIII viewership with 96.7% accuracy

Published on February 14, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII breaks a new record for the second year in a row

Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11th, 2024 shattered TV ratings records, drawing a whopping 123.4 million viewers. The Chiefs' victory over the 49ers in an epic overtime win captivated fans worldwide. 

PredictHQ, the predictive demand intelligence company, predicted 127.5 million viewers for the game, with a remarkable 96.7% accuracy rate. The San Francisco Business Times picked up the story days before the event to showcase the impact the game was going to have on specific counties within the Bay Area. Their AI-driven algorithms have been spot on for the past four years, anticipating Super Bowl viewership with incredible precision. Let's take a look at their track record:

  • 2024: Predicted 127.5M viewers, Actual 123.4M viewers (96.7% accuracy)

  • 2023: Predicted 112.9M viewers, Actual 113M viewers (99.9% accuracy)

  • 2022: Predicted 117M viewers, Actual 112.3M viewers (96% accuracy)

  • 2021: Predicted 96M viewers, Actual 96.4M viewers (99.6% accuracy)

This year, the local economic impact of Super Bowl Sunday reached $47.8 million in consumer spending around Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas:

  • Accommodation: $39,289,432

  • Restaurants: $7,392,528

  • Transportation: $1,146,345

The power of the Taylor Swift effect 

In addition to an impressive halftime show and a rare Super Bowl overtime, what made the big game even more special this year was of course the Taylor Swift effect – which we’ve seen boost local economies across the US for nearly the past year due to her ongoing Eras Tour. 

Consumer interest and spending skyrockets when Taylor Swift comes to town, and she seems to be having the same effect on the NFL. For example:

  • Hotel rates jumped from $169 to $1,000 per night when the tour was first announced

  • The tour has driven $11M+ for local businesses in a single night

  • Taylor Swift drove a 400% boost in sales for Travis Kelce jerseys

  • Taylor Swift’s financial impact on the NFL is estimated to be $330M

As many hoped, the 12-time Grammy Award winner did appear at Allegiant Stadium to cheer on her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce, who made key plays in the second half and in overtime to help the Chiefs claim their third Super Bowl victory in the past five years. It’s certainly possible that Taylor Swift’s participation in this year’s Super Bowl was a factor in what made it break another viewership record. 

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