Super Bowl LVIII: 127.5 million in viewership predicted by AI-powered platform PredictHQ

Published on February 08, 2024

PredictHQ’s Viewership Predictions for Super Bowl LVIII Reach 127.5 Million Predicted Viewers Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 31, 2024 – The company that has successfully predicted the Super Bowl viewership since 2021 has released their prediction for exactly how many people will tune in, saying Fox Sports should expect 127.5 million viewers worldwide.

PredictHQ’s AI-powered platform tracks the impact of 19 different kinds of events including concerts, academic events, and sports. One of these 19 categories is Live TV Events, where a model trained on years of event, entity and demand data, calculates the viewership of major sports games by factoring in the teams, their popularity, location, unevenness of that matchup, viewership trends by county, and more. It is the only viewership prediction model in the world and is used by PredictHQ customers like Dominos to better predict surges in online ordering.

For 2024’s Super Bowl where the Chiefs face off against the 49ers in Las Vegas, the model has predicted a viewership of 127.5 million. Along with viewership data, PredictHQ models also predict expected spend related to the event that will have an impact on local businesses. They have predicted that on the day of the game, the local businesses around Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will generate $47.8 million in consumer spending. The days leading up to the Super Bowl also expect to generate millions as throngs of fans descend on Las Vegas.

PredictHQ CEO Campbell Brown said the model identified this figure because of a myriad of enrichment data points that we take into account, including the fact that the two teams will be matching up again after four years for the first Super Bowl to ever take place in Las Vegas, which is quickly becoming a global sports destination.

“Our predictive analysis, which has been more than 97% accurate since its inception, removes bias and generates contextually aware predictions based on our dynamic data. This year our models have identified 127.5 million as the predicted viewership, making it the largest prediction since we started” Brown said.

In 2023, PredictHQ’s viewership prediction model predicted 112.9 million people to watch, and the actual viewership was reported to be 113 million, representing a 99.9% accuracy rate. In 2022 the model achieved 96% accuracy and in 2021 it achieved 99.6% accuracy, predicting a viewership of 96 million, with a confirmed post-game viewership being 96.9 million.

PredictHQ’s customers use sports game viewership predictions in their demand planning and forecasting. The predictions are by county, rather than DMA (designated marketing area) to make this possible. It is especially popular with quick service restaurants and food and beverage delivery companies, which need to know which stores, warehouses and teams need to expect an increase in demand and by how much ahead of games, including massive ones like the Super Bowl. 

PredictHQ’s intelligent data was also used for its Predicted Event Spend algorithm, which identified the Super Bowl weekend (all Super Bowl events in Vegas from February 9 - 11) will generate $47,828,306. This includes $39.2 million for accommodation, $7.3 million for restaurants, and  $1.1 million for transportation. More information is available here.


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