PredictHQ Quarterly Release – October 2023

Published on October 18, 2023

Welcome to our October 2023 Quarterly Product Release! Every three months, PredictHQ pulls together the latest product and feature announcements to ensure you’re getting the most value out of our platform. You can find previous releases on our Resources page.

Make better use of our demand intelligence with five new updates including: 

  • Predicted End Times for concerts and performing arts

  • PHQ labels: More relevant and representative event labels

  • Polygons for public holidays and observances

  • Beam category importance

  • Additional updates

Watch the on-demand webinar where PredictHQ’s Director of Customer Success JJ Mills walks through each of these new releases and shares how to use them to get the most out of our data. For now, let’s take a closer look at each of the updates. 

Predicted End Times for concerts and performing arts events 

Predicted End Times are an added intelligence feature to our event data that are used to create an accurate picture of when events are expected to end. This enables a variety of businesses, including rideshare companies and even restaurants that have locations near venues to understand when demand may pick back up at the end of an event. We’ve had this feature for our sports event category but given the positive customer feedback, we have extended this feature to include our concerts and performing arts event categories – which operators in various industries can use to predict how demand will change just after an event. Learn more about Predicted End Times for concerts and performing arts events and how businesses are leveraging this intelligence feature. 

PHQ Labels: More relevant and representative event labels

We've updated our label generation methods using newer classification and large language models (LLMs) to make event labels more useful and relevant. This means you’ll be able to further filter our events to only see events that impact your specific demand. This update impacts 6 different business and leisure event categories. Learn more about PHQ labels.

Use Polygons to get non-attended events into your data lake ​​ 

Polygons are now available for our public holidays and observances event categories – making it faster and easier to get non-attended events into your data lake. Learn more about Polygon support for more event categories.

Beam Category Importance: Find out which types of events impact your business the most

Events have a varied impact on different business locations. Use our new category importance feature to identify the types of events that impact your demand most, which your team can then use to power data-driven decision making around staffing, inventory, and more. Learn more about Beam Category Importance.

Additional Product Releases

Explore three more product updates including AI-generated event descriptions, reduced duplicates in our system, and alternative title search – which makes it easier to find the events that matter to your business. Learn more about these updates.

Want to dig deeper into these updates? We invite you to check out our October 2023 Quarterly Product Release Webinar. We also encourage you to try the new features out to see how they may improve your workflow or the way you use PredictHQ.