PredictHQ showcases Contextual Generative AI with Databricks Data Intelligence

Published on June 03, 2024

How PredictHQ collaborated with Databricks to demonstrate generative AI capabilities  

Using Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and PredictHQ's rich and unique event data, this demo shows how generative AI applications can provide customers with valuable insights by understanding, anticipating, and visualizing the impact of global events.

This demo is an example of how customers  can rapidly enable and improve generative AI applications to unlock new patterns, understand global event impacts, and predict trends with greater precision. The result is refined customer insights and the ability to anticipate market shifts with data-driven agility. 

PredictHQ: Enabling Generative AI with Real-World Context

PredictHQ’s ecosystem differentiates you from your competition. It’s no secret that unique data and intelligence is necessary and the key to differentiate your AI models against your competitors. With the increase in high-quality open-source models now available, along with the price of large language models decreasing 10x YoY, many proprietary models have begun to compete. Taking advantage of unique data adds another layer of strategic value. Event data enriched with hyperlocal context and demand signals is one of the largest opportunities for businesses constantly impacted by events to unlock new potentials in LLM training. As PredictHQ’s CEO mentions in the article, Empowering AI with Real-World Context, the key to smarter decision making lies not just in the training data we feed into our models, but in the real-world context it can tap into once these models are trained. 

Creating Advanced Generative AI Applications

PredictHQ By leveraging PredictHQ's rich event data, customers can create  predictive models that can forecast trends, adapt marketing strategies, optimize supply chains, and improve customer experiences. PredictHQ’s intelligent data is available on Databricks Marketplace.

Gain a competitive edge by training your AI models to adapt to real-world impact with data not available anywhere else. Our AI-powered ecosystem knows what events are occurring and predicts which ones will impact your future revenue.