PredictHQ Quarterly Release – April 2022

Published on April 12, 2022

Each quarter, PredictHQ consolidates the latest product and feature announcements to ensure you get the most value possible out of our platform.

Make better use of our demand intelligence with three new updates that include improvements to our data quality, options for faster access to our data, and a sneak peak into a feature that we’re releasing later this quarter that will enable you to get more relevant insights, faster.

If you would prefer a walk through of the updates, check out our on-demand webinar where PredictHQ’s Customer Experience Manager Ryan Lipson digs into the new releases and shares anecdotes on how customers can think about leveraging in their own day-to-day. 

Improvements to our predicted attendance logic

Predicted attendance is a critical data point that enables PredictHQ to give the most accurate representation of an event's size. That’s why once we aggregate events from a variety of sources, we take events with flawed, missing data and enrich them using models that rank and predict how many people are attending events. 

With PredictHQ’s extensive knowledge graph, we predict attendance based on many inputs including venue capacity and performer popularity, resulting in a reliable number that you can use in your models.

This new release further improves our unique ability to rank events and accurately predict attendance– which no other data source provides. Enjoy better underlying quality of PredictHQ’s predicted attendance outputs, especially for larger volume events.


Get value from PredictHQ data faster via Snowflake Secure Data Share

PredictHQ has partnered with Snowflake to make our data more easily available. This partnership unlocks a ton of new possibilities for PredictHQ users, especially if  you are  already Snowflake users. 

Snowflake Secure Data Share enables companies to access and share PredictHQ’s event data in a controlled and efficient way while reducing the time, effort, and cost associated with data analytics. This means: 

  • No ETL (extract, transform, load)

  • No need to use FTP or manage APIs

  • No engineering data pipeline to build

  • No need to extract and transform data before use 

  • No charge for additional storage, regardless of the quantity or volume of data accessed


Use Location Insights for instant demand insights for your business locations

Location Insights is a new feature coming to Control Center later this quarter that enables rapid and relevant insights into your specific business locations. This feature makes our Web UI even easier to use, and improves the relevancy of search, notifications, and more. 

Once launched, you’ll be able to use location insights to:

  • Easily upload all your locations (stores, hotels, restaurants, or any other type of locations)

  • Search for events around your specific locations

  • See insights about what is happening around your locations

  • Set up notifications specific to your locations

  • See the total daily event impact for a given location

  • See locations and events near these locations on a map

  • And much more


Want to dig deeper into these updates? We invite you to check out our Quarterly Release Webinar that covers our product updates from January 2022. We also encourage you to try the new features out to see how they may improve your workflow, or the way you use PredictHQ.