PredictHQ’s data is directly accessible via Snowflake

PredictHQ has partnered with Snowflake to make forecast-grade data more easily available. You can leverage Snowflake to build scalable data solutions with PredictHQ’s data.

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Verified high-quality data

Quickly access high-quality intelligent event data

PredictHQ’s intelligent event data is used by leading global companies in the retail, transport, CPG and travel industries. Access to our event data can be done in minutes using a Snowflake account. Snowflake Secure Data Share enables companies to access and share PredictHQ’s data in a controlled and efficient way. Don’t have a Snowflake account? We can help you set one up.

Why it matters

Sharing data can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be

Many businesses use external data to input into their forecasting models to provide more certainty and accuracy. The problem is that accessing large data sets isn’t always straight forward. Being able to share data through Snowflake removes a substantial number of steps required to use PredictHQ’s data in any meaningful way. Access to a Secure Share of our events means you’ll experience a familiar and high performance SQL interface with an up-to-date, clean, and complete set of PredictHQ’s data. This means you can immediately incorporate the data into your models, removing or greatly simplifying the need for ELT/ETL processes to pull event data into your data warehouse.

How it works

Real-time, immediately available data

PredictHQ ingests data from hundreds of different sources, comprising millions of data points, 24 hours a day. Our microservices based pipeline executes complex machine learning models, using extensive historical data to produce intelligent event data for our customers. Those customers require this data to be processed in near real-time, without delay. We are able to achieve efficient, real-time delivery by utilizing Snowflake Secure Data Share. Customers can query a high volume of intelligence immediately, in a known format to most data scientists through SQL, all while leveraging Snowflakes sophisticated semi-structured query capabilities.

Easily access intelligent event data with PredictHQ and Snowflake

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  • Determine what drives demand

    Work with the PredictHQ team to discover what types of events from 19+ categories impact your specific business. Concerts may really impact one business whereas Live TV events may impact another.

  • Create and use the AI models that you need

    Build responsive forecasts and scenario planning by factoring in holidays, observances and college dates, which drive people movement and purchasing.

  • Improve forecasting and see results

    Have confidence in reliable models that have accurate, relevant data incorporated so you can invest your team’s time in driving results.

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