Tap into demand driven by televised sports

Published on April 19, 2022
Valerie Williams
Senior Content Marketing Manager

For on-demand grocery and food apps, Live TV Events often result in huge surges in demand leading up to game time – especially for football

Team rivalries, fan favorites, and quality time with family and friends inspire people to get together, order in, and watch the game’s events unfold while mowing down on pizza, wings, and more.

In 2021, NFL games averaged at over 17 million viewers per game between TV and digital. Each of these games cause surges in demand across the country, many of which will be highly localized. Each game is an opportunity to plan ahead for excited fans ordering food to enjoy during the game. 


Let’s explore how on-demand grocery and food delivery services can tap into this demand to maximize profits on game day.

Plan ahead with forecast-grade TV viewership data

Without reliable future viewership data, you never know exactly where demand will be highest. By incorporating this kind of event data into your forecasts, you can predict when and where there will be spikes in demand, and plan accordingly:

  • Forecast the impact of gameday surges for each of your store locations.

  • Ensure enough ingredients, cooks, and delivery drivers are ready to go.

  • Proactively send drivers to high demand areas for faster delivery times.

For example, fans spent an estimated $61M on pizza alone for the 2021 NFL Kickoff Game. Accurately predicting this spike in demand on a county level means you can mobilize your driver network to be on the road and ready as soon as orders start coming in.


Enhance forecasting with insight into county-level viewership data, rather than solely relying on designated marketing areas which lack the details needed to predict demand surges. 

Use viewership data to confidently forecast at a more granular level– such as for individual store locations for quick serve restaurants, convenient stores, and grocery stores. 

Track the televised games that matter most to your business

Different sports impact businesses in different ways. For example, demand for pizza deliveries may skyrocket during basketball games, while football games may drive demand for unprepared meats to season and slap on the grill. 

Use Live TV Events to track past and upcoming sports from the seven top US leagues: 

  • NFL

  • NBA

  • NHL

  • MLB

  • D1 NCAA Basketball

  • D1 NCAA Football

  • MLS

If you sign up for PredictHQ, you’ll also have access to the top 100 sports games based on viewership – which includes golf tournaments, auto racing, and boxing matches. Get insight into any potential drivers of demand across the most popular, demand-driving televised sports.