Top 5 Slack Integrations for Marketing

Published on May 11, 2016
Campbell Brown
CEO & Co-Founder

Becoming a more productive Marketer

There are only so many hours in a day so finding ways in which you can consume actionable information on your business quickly and effectively is a crucial element to becoming a more productive and effective marketer. The issue with this can sometimes be wrangling different platforms where data and insights on your business reside.

This has become more manageable with the evolution of communication/collaboration platforms like Slack who not only provide a great messaging app but the ability to integrate information from other platforms you use. For example, at PredictHQ we have integrated our Intercom and Zendesk accounts into a Slack channel so that we are informed in real-time of things like sign-ups, conversations and contact requests. This gives us a macro-level view across multiple platforms so if any issues arise we can then jump into the respective platform to resolve quickly.

The same approach can easily be applied to the fantastic array of platforms that have been created to improve the efficiency of a marketing team. From better understanding who is talking about your brand or competitors to tracking the performance of your content marketing which you and your team have poured many hours into.

Slack Integrations and Apps to make marketing life better

So, what are some of the best marketing integrations available within the Slack App Directory that can make marketing life better? Below are a list of the Top 5 to date that can add value instantly:

# Mention


If you are finding it challenging to monitor media for your brand, industry, or competitors then the Mention integration is going to be for you. They have one of the broadest coverages of media in the market so you can rest assure that if something relevant happens you can be notified of it quickly.

Tip: Just make sure you get the right keyword terms in place within Mention which might take a bit of time. This will ensure you get the best possible notifications fed through to Slack.

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# Content Tracker


Publishing quality content that is well read, shared and linked to can help articulate the benefits of your business in a far more useful context, which can acquire new customers at a better conversion rate than performance advertising. So using tools like Content Tracker to better understand what articles are converting to customers is crucial for building a higher performing content strategy.

Tip: It’s in beta at the moment so make the most of its free usage (up to 20 pieces of content).

Website | Slack Integration

# PredictHQ


Staying ahead of the curve is a daily battle when it comes to visibility of events which impact your business the most. Luckily, PredictHQ have created a platform that changes your relationship with events from retrospective to proactive. This allows marketing, sales and even operation teams to better plan and manage promotions, staffing and campaigns across the world. When combined with Slack, you can get notifications on saved searches, custom alerts and/or projects within any Slack channel you like.

Tip: Use PredictHQ’s saved searches feature to get exactly what you want, when you want it. So, if your marketing team is only interested in conferences happening in New York, ranked 3 and above then that’s all you will be notified on.

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# arc


Google Analytics is a critical tool for many marketers who want to better understand key metrics relating to their customers but it can also be relatively daunting. The simplicity of arc aims to explain what is going on within your Google Analytics account with short, easy to read messages in Slack. Keeping it simple so information can be consumed easily by your team who in turn can make better decisions.

Tip: Make sure your Google Analytics account is set-up correctly so that the information feeding through arc is as accurate as possible e.g. remove any traffic generated by spam bots crawling your site.

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# Nurtz


There is nothing worst than poorly written text (see what I did there?). However, when you are a marketer trying to stay across not only your content strategy but also your social media strategy, grammar quality can sometimes suffer. That’s where Nurtz comes in and saves the day as your proofreading concierge. It can be quickly refine your text without having to leave Slack.

Tip: If you want to get a quick reply and save money please make the effort to write as bst youcann.

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Does your team use Slack? Share with us what your favorite Slack integrations are.