Purchase access to cities with our new Starter plan

Pay with credit card to get access to cities

With PredictHQ's Starter plan, you can purchase access to up to 5 cities with your credit card.

With the Starter plan, you can purchase the following data:

  • 3, 6, 10, 15, or all categories

  • 1, 3, or 5 cities

  • You can pay yearly or monthly.

You can cancel at any time. We use Stripe as the credit card payment platform.

If you want more than 5 cities, then you can upgrade to our Premium plan. Contact us for options.

How much does it cost?

See the Starter plan on our pricing page.

How do I get access to the Starter plan?

If you haven't yet signed up follow the link from the pricing page to see the pricing, sign up, and get access.

If you have already signed up for your free PredictHQ account, then go to the plans page in Control Center and choose "Buy now" under the Starter plan. To view the plans page, click on the plan name on the top right of the screen, or choose the "Plans" option under the account settings cog. See below:


The plans page shows a buy-now option for users on the 14-day trial or free plan:


Can I try before I buy?

Yes, when you sign up you get a 14-day all-access trial with global access to our data. Then after that, you are moved to our Free plan which does not expire and gives you free access to 2 locations within a 2-mile radius.

Try it out with our trial and Free plan, and buy when you are ready.

What data does the Starter plan have access to?

The lite plan has the following access to data:

  • Unlimited future visibility - Your subscription does not constrain your access to future events - but we have a maximum data visibility window of events up to 5 years in the future.

  • 0 days historic visibility - You do not have access to historic events

  • Categories - You have access to the categories you purchased

  • Geographic areas - You have access to the cities you purchase

If you want more than 5 cities or larger geographic areas, then you can upgrade to our Premium plan.

If you want additional access to anything not covered here, you can upgrade to the Premium plan. Contact us for options.

What features do I have access to in the Starter plan?

The Starter plan has access to the following:

The Starter plan does not have access to Live TV Events, Snowflake, or ADX. Upgrade to the Premium plan to get access to those features.

Using Location Insights with the Starter plan

When you purchase city-level access with the Lite plan, you can add unlimited Location Insights locations within the cities you have access to. Use this to find events around your stores, or other business locations within a city. You cannot view location insights details outside the cities you have purchased.

Billing period and cancellation

If you pay yearly, you get a discount equal to around 2 months of charges over the course of the year, compared to paying monthly. When you pay yearly, you pay for the full year upfront.

If you cancel, then your plan will be canceled at the end of your billing period. If you pay yearly that will be a year after the date of your purchase. If you pay monthly and you cancel, your cancellation will take effect at the end of your billing cycle, so approximately 1 month from when you were last billed.

Can I get access to areas larger than cities?

On our Starter plan, you can purchase access to entire cities. If you want to access larger geographic areas like counties, states/regions, countries, or global access you can upgrade to our Premium plan. Contact us for options.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time by choosing to buy more cities, or categories from the plans page.

Can I use the credit card purchase option with the Premium plan?

You cannot use the credit card purchase option in Control Center if you are on the Premium plan. There may be options to pay your invoice with credit cards. Please contact us to discuss payment options.