Learn about our trial and Free plan

Learn about our 14 day trial and free plan

When you sign up for our trial plan, you get access to our 14-day developer trial for free. After 14 days you are moved to our Free plan. This article contains details of both plans. You can check out our pricing page for details on all our plans.

The Free Trial

This plan allows you to get full access to our Web Application (Control Center) and our APIs for 14 days to try out our data. You can use the following on the 14-day trial:

  • Use Location Insights to add your locations to Control Center

  • Search, Export, Daily Event Impact, API Explorer, and all other features in Control Center

  • Use Notifications to set up email notifications to be informed of changes to events around your location

  • Access Live TV events in Control Center (and via the API)

  • The Events API for downloading events

  • The Features API for pre-built features and aggregated insights over our data

  • All other APIs (places API, Calendar API, the broadcast API, and more)

  • Access to our Jupyter Notebook data science guides and all other technical resources to get started during your trial.

Contact us if you want to upgrade to our premium plan or buy our Starter Plan self-service today.

The Free Plan

After your 14-day trial, you will be automatically moved to our Free plan. The Free plan does not expire. It's free forever.

On the free plan, you get access to 2 location insights locations with a maximum radius of 2 miles (3.2 kilometers).

On the Free plan, you can use the following:

  • Location Insights (you get access to 'street address' and radius locations not to city, state, or country locations)

  • Control Center Search

  • Daily Event Impact

  • Notifications

  • API Explorer

  • You have access to the API for the 2 location insights locations you have created.

We have a self-service option where you can purchase our data starting at $75 USD / month. Click here to buy now or learn more.

If you want to access our APIs, features like our Snowflake and ADX integration, or any other features not available in Control Center then upgrade your plan in Control Center or contact us directly to discuss options.