PredictHQ Predicted Attendance logic now covers several more event categories

Published on October 10, 2022
Valerie Williams
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Predicted attendance has been improved and added for more event categories

Despite using 350+ sources of event data, at times events come in from our providers without any attendance data – meaning aside from a bare-bones event listing, these events lack any real usefulness.

Starting in late 2021, we have developed machine learning models that assign an attendance value to historic events and predict attendance for upcoming events. These attendance values also help us build out our various ranks for each event. You can use either predicted attendance or ranks for forecasting and demand planning. 

Our pipeline and data intelligence predict attendance and set ranks for these events using advanced machine learning models. The newly added models use a number of machine learning features and historical training data to predict how many people will attend different types of events.

Previously, we did not assign a  rank or predict attendance for certain categories of events. Now that we have added these additional models, we can accurately predict the attendance for thousands more events that we previously did not cover. 

The first release of improvements to our predicted attendance addressed events in the following categories: community, conferences and performing arts– which increased our data coverage by about 290,000 events historically. Since then, we’ve released predicted attendance and improved ranks to the following additional event categories: 

We’ve also increased the model’s accuracy and performance across all categories. All past, present, and future events within our system will be covered and automatically adjusted by the models.

This marks ongoing improvement to our predictive capabilities by boosting the value and utility of these events so they can be used for forecasting, analytics, and other more advanced use cases. Here are some examples of events that have been updated with predicted attendance:

Festivals with newly improved predicted attendance:

Expos with newly improved predicted attendance:

Like our previous installment of predicted attendance improvements, this release enhances our unique ability to rank events and accurately predict attendance – which no other data source provides.