React quickly to Terror Attacks

From bombings to arson, acts of terrorism can have immediate and ongoing impact on your business. PredictHQ's terror attacks category tracks impactful violent incidents so you can understand how similar events have impacted your business and react swiftly.

Recent Events

Highest impact terror attack events that happened in the last 90 days

There are often more terror attack events than you might realize. These are a sample of the highest impact terror attacks that happened in the last three months. Understand how these types of terrible attacks impact your business historically so that you can better forecast in the future.

We capture multiple types of terror attacks

We’ve aggregated and verified terror attack data from multiple providers. Once our machine learning models sort these events into the terror attack category, they then add labels so you can build targeted models. Using our seven years of historical data will enable you to know in advance how terror attacks impact your business, so you can have data-driven response plans ready as soon as an incident occurs.

Impact ranking models for terror attacks

PredictHQ has built a machine learning model to rank the impact of terror events, which was trained on data about thousands of terror attacks. It factors in number of casualties and injuries caused by the event; the frequency of terrorism in the country where it occurs as well as previous similar attacks impact on the local tourism industry.

Know about Terror Attacks as quickly as possible

Terror Attacks can have rapid and significant impact on business demand. Knowing as soon as possible about relevant attacks gives your team the opportunity to respond accordingly. For example, transport providers can know which areas may be shut down or require more transport options as quickly as possible. Or hotels may need to reduce rates in the following weeks to mitigate understandable customer concerns. You can set up alerts for key health warnings using our Notifications platform.

Improve forecasting accuracy with historical data

Understand how Terror Attacks have impacted your demand in the past, so you can respond swiftly and appropriately in the future. This is one of the most impactful steps you can take to mitigate risk against terror. PredictHQ has more than five years of historical data that you can use to analyze your data to discover how different types of attacks have impacted your company previously. This helps teams make faster and smarter decisions when attacks occur.

You can’t prepare for what you don’t see coming

Harness the power of demand intelligence

Knowing the impact of demand causal factors like events will transform your business. The American Society of Hematology has a $45M estimated economic impact — and that's only one event in one city.

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