Webinar: Quarterly Product Release – July 2022

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Welcome to PredictHQ’s Quarterly Release Webinar. In this webinar, you’ll get up to speed on the latest product and feature updates from PredictHQ. Whether you’re just getting started with PredictHQ or are ready to dive into new features, you’ll learn how to get more value from the data and build and deploy faster. In this Q3 July 2022 webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Location Insights updates: Location Insights has been updated to improve the suggested radius function, and is now a part of the Control Center dashboard.

  • Polygons for attended events: We’ve expanded one of our most in-demand features, Polygons, to cover attendance-based events such as marathons, parades, and festivals.

  • New recurring events models: New recurring events models boost our coverage of high-quality recurring event groups by 2000%+, meaning better data quality for you.

  • Features API: severe weather expansion: Severe Weather features and Demand Impact Patterns combine to bring you new forecast-ready features for your models.

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