Using Control Center

Using Control Center to manage your plan, explore the API and search

With Control Center you can discover and manage the API, and all of the demand intelligence data your business needs in a single place. You can find Control Center at

See below for a video on getting started with Control Center and the PredictHQ platform.

Options in Control Center

Navigating within Control Center is easy, at the top, you'll have four options:

  1. Plans

  2. Settings

  3. Help

  4. Profile


Clicking on the plan summary icon in the top right will show you more details on your plan. Here you can see all of the details of your plan including event visibility, category access and add-ons.


You'll either start off with a trial subscription with limited access, or you may be on a paid plan. If you want access to more cities, greater historic visibility, more categories, or add-ons, click on the relevant field to open the Upgrade Request feature. Select the options you would like to request to expand your subscription.


The Account Settings functionality allows you to manage your profile, invite other users to your organization, view billing details and manage a range of other settings for your subscription.



In the navigation options in the top right of Control Center, you can also access Help details as shown below.  Select this option to find API documentation, link to our Support knowledge base, and to Contact us. You can also use Submit events to submit feedback to us for Loop.



Clicking on your initials in the top right allows you to switch organizations and log out. Switching organizations is available if your account is a member of multiple organizations.


The Dashboard

When you log into Control Center, you are taken to the dashboard. The dashboard shows a list of tiles that are shortcuts to common operations (like search and notifications). It also includes your top five Location Insights locations. These are the locations with the highest predicted attendance.


The Sidebar

The sidebar gives you access to all the functionalities within Control Center, which includes:

  1. Location Insights

  2. Search

  3. Impact

  4. Notifications

  5. API Tools

API Tools

See API tools.

See Control Center Search.

Daily Event Impact in Control Center

The Impact tab in Control Center gives you access to a graph view of the Daily Event Impact feature. Choose the location, rank type, event status, and date range to view the total impact of all events by day for the selected time period. This shows you the total impact of all events per day for the given location, within the selected time period.


Click on a figure in the table and it will take you to a list of events on that day for the given category.

Note: To get these values via the API, use the Features API. You can use the features API to pull aggregated attendance data (like that shown above) in the graph.