PredictHQ’s data is available for Lighthouse by BCG analysts

PredictHQ has partnered with Boston Consulting Group's Lighthouse platform to make forecast-grade event data easily available to their team. These data scientists, analysts and AI specialists can use PredictHQ's demand intelligence in the AI solutions they build for customers.

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BCG can access verified high-quality data

Empowering BCG's artificial intelligence experts

BCG's analysts and AI experts can access PredictHQ’s intelligent event data to include in customer solutions. PredictHQ's verified event data is used by leading global companies in the retail, transport, CPG and travel industries, many of which turn to BCG Lighthouse for guidance on their AI products and solutions. This partnership means the teams serving BCG's customers can access world-class event data easily.

Data is to AI as fuel is to fire

Data is to AI as fuel is to fire

Big data was promising, but it's smart data that matters. Accessing high-quality, enriched and verified data is critical for successful artificial intelligence solutions, like the ones BCG builds. As more companies seek to become truly data-driven, Boston Consulting Group's data scientists and analysts are equipping themselves with first-in-class data sources, such as PredictHQ's event data.

How the BCG partnersehip works

How the partnership works

PredictHQ ingests data from hundreds of different sources, comprising millions of data points, 24 hours a day. Our microservices based pipeline executes complex machine learning models, using extensive historical data to produce intelligent event data for our customers and partners. As a partner, BCG will have access to our events across all 19 categories worldwide, to use in custom AI solutions for their customers.

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