Increase forecasting accuracy with o9 Solutions + PredictHQ

It’s challenging to connect leading indicators of demand with internal enterprise data. o9 Solutions has partnered with PredictHQ to simplify data integration and improve forecast accuracy for retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, and more.

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Ai-powered demand forecasting

Ingest the data you need for smarter ML/AI forecasting

The o9 Digital Brain is a game-changing planning platform helping global companies across industries transform their supply chain, commercial, finance, and sustainability decision-making for digital age volatility and complexity.

o9 Digital Brain users can now access PredictHQ’s intelligent event data directly within the platform. PredictHQ tracks 19 categories of events globally to power smarter AI/ML forecasting and demand planning for the retail and CPG industries.


Supply chain forecasting takes verified, enriched data

Accurate forecasting requires more than lagging indicators driving statistical forecasts. PredictHQ ingests data from 250+ data sources, comprising millions of data points, 24 hours a day. Our microservices-based pipeline executes complex machine learning models, using extensive historical data to produce intelligent event data.

Partnering with o9 Solutions means direct access to location-based event data for your demand forecasting models – so you can be confident in business decisions backed by the best quality data available.


Create granular, accurate store-level forecasts

Poor collaboration between different elements of the supply chain results in misguided business decisions such as over and under stocks, which are particularly costly right now.

Take control of demand hypersensitivity with real-world event data for each of your store locations. When you use intelligent event data to predict how many customers to expect, it’s easy to accurately align inventory with local demand.

  • “Events have a huge impact on business, and many of our clients have been seeking an efficient way to include them in their forecasting to increase accuracy and profitability. PredictHQ’s event data is enriched specifically for planning and forecasting, making it easier for our clients to access PredictHQ’s demand intelligence.”

    Igor Rikalo
    President and COO

Easily connect to intelligent event data for accurate forecasts with PredictHQ and o9 Solutions

Get in touch with PredictHQ’s team of data scientists to discover how to get started.

  • Determine what drives demand

    Work with the PredictHQ team to discover what types of events from 19+ categories impact your specific business. Concerts may really impact one business whereas Live TV events may impact another.

  • Create and use the AI models that you need

    Work with the PredictHQ team to add our data input into your demand forecasting models so you can have hyper-localized context.

  • Improve forecasting and see results

    Have confidence in reliable models that have accurate, relevant data incorporated so you can invest your team’s time in driving results.

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