PredictHQ is an Amazon AWS Technology Partner

PredictHQ’s forecast-grade data is verified by Amazon Web Services as a high-quality and reliable data source. As a trusted AWS technology partner, you can leverage Amazon Web Services to build scalable data solutions with PredictHQ's data.

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Architecting on AWS
Architecting on AWS

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Verified high-quality data

High-quality intelligent event data accessible globally

PredictHQ’s intelligent event data is used by leading global companies in the retail, transport, CPG and travel industries. PredictHQ leverages AWS CloudFront to improve the performance of many of our website endpoints for customers located around the globe. CloudFront plus a variety of other AWS features, like EC2, has enabled us to provide high-quality data to our customers. Our data is now accredited by the rigorous data quality and customer experience standards created by Amazon AWS and is particularly easy to access for AWS customers.

Why it matters

Accelerate Value While Decreasing Costs

Businesses use external data to input into their forecasting models to provide certainty in a highly dynamic world. Forecasting models are only as good as the data that enters them, making quality our #1 priority. Our partnership with AWS enables us to cut high data processing costs that are required to create the complex data models we use to create high-quality intelligent event data. We work with some of the world’s largest brands, as does AWS, which provides the scalable data infrastructure to manage data-driven processes.

How it works

AWS enables a real-time ML-driven data pipeline

PredictHQ ingests data from hundreds of different sources, comprising millions of data points, 24 hours a day. Our microservices based pipeline executes complex machine learning models, using extensive historical data to produce intelligent event data for our customers. Those customers require this data to be processed in near real-time, without delay. We are able to achieve efficient, real-time delivery by utilizing a microservices based architecture running on Kubernetes to take maximum advantage of the flexibility Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides.

  • “We're excited to have PredictHQ’s demand intelligence available through the AWS Data Exchange allowing customers to quickly access this critical data for their businesses, accelerating the time to value. ”

    Keran McKenzie
    Head of ISV Partners, ANZ

Reimagine your external data experience with PredictHQ and AWS

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  • Determine what drives demand

    Work with the PredictHQ team to discover what types of events from 19+ categories impact your specific business. Concerts may really impact one business whereas Live TV events may impact another.

  • Create and use the AI models that you need

    Work with the PredictHQ team to add our data input into your demand forecasting models so you can have hyper-localized context.

  • Improve forecasting and see results

    Have confidence in reliable models that have accurate, relevant data incorporated so you can invest your team’s time in driving results.

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