Unlock more accurate retail forecasts with RELEX + PredictHQ

PredictHQ has partnered with RELEX Solutions to drive more accurate forecasts with demand planning powered by AI and informed by dynamic event data. RELEX's retail, wholesale, and CPG customers can now access the most robust and trusted intelligent event dataset faster than ever.

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Access intelligent event data quickly + seamlessly

Major retailers rely on RELEX to become more competitive by turning massive amounts of retail data into faster, more accurate supply chain decisions. By joining forces with PredictHQ, RELEX platform users can easily access verified data on local high-impact events including school holidays, sports events, concerts and even natural disasters.

PredictHQ’s dataset of 2 billion+ data points also enables retailers to automate the otherwise labor-intensive and error-prone process of manual event data collection. Free up your team’s time and resources by automating the collection of live, dynamic event data that accurately reflects what’s happening in the real world.

  • “Today's turbulent world and ever-changing consumer behaviors mean it's more important than ever for retailers and brands to be data-driven in their decision making. We are delighted to have PredictHQ onboard to provide such valuable insights for our customers.”

    Tommi Ylinen
    Chief Product Officer

Enable optimized, event-driven demand planning

Leading retailers ingest intelligent event data into their forecasting models to provide more certainty, granularity, and accuracy. PredictHQ collects, verifies, and enhances 19 categories of events worldwide for detailed insights into how events drive people movement near your store locations.

RELEX uses a machine learning-based demand forecasting engine that seamlessly integrates PredictHQ data with your other data sources – resulting in a deeper level of insight, better forecast accuracy, and the confidence that comes with planning based on accurate demand predictions.


Be proactive with actionable demand insights

PredictHQ ingests data from hundreds of different sources, comprising millions of data points, 24 hours a day. Our machine learning models verify, enrich, and rank events by predicted impact so companies can proactively discover catalysts that will impact their demand.

With this foresight, you can schedule enough staff, and stock enough inventory to meet and exceed customer expectations even during periods of high demand. And when there’s a drop in demand, you can proactively right-size your staff and inventory levels to mitigate losses.

Easily access intelligent event data with PredictHQ + RELEX Solutions

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  • Determine what drives demand

    Work with the PredictHQ team to discover what types of events from 19+ categories impact your specific business. School holidays may really impact one business or location whereas concerts may impact another.

  • Gain a leading edge over your competitors

    Become more competitive by turning massive amounts of retail data, including event data, into faster, more accurate supply chain decisions.

  • Improve forecasting and see results

    Make decisions backed by reliable models that incorporate accurate, relevant data so your team can spend their time driving results.

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