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SymphonyAI Retail | CPG is a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated AI-powered merchandising, marketing and supply chain solutions for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

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Accelerate production + optimize operations

Unlock accurate retail demand insights at scale

SymphonyAI Retail | CPG delivers intelligence at scale for thousands of customers worldwide. By focusing on the fundamental datasets, algorithms, and models pre-trained for specific domains and applications, their verticalized approach allows for rapid scale from POC to enterprise production.

Each of SymphonyAI Retail | CPG’s 50+ solutions are built with optimal data integrations, pipelines, and workflows for useful results, quick deployment, and seamless scalability.

  • “Faced with unrelenting supply chain chaos, retailers and CPGs who turn to data-driven, AI-based solutions gain deep competitive advantage and measurable business results. We are pleased to team with PredictHQ to speed up and enrich access to diverse, critical data both within and outside customer organizations.”

    Raj Marimuthu
    Chief Customer Success Officer and GM of Supply Chain Management

Understand what drives your demand at scale

SymphonyAI Retail | CPG connects retail planning and execution with real-time insights to improve on-shelf availability and customer satisfaction. By partnering with PredictHQ, SymphonyAI’s retail and CPG customers will have access to PredictHQ’s intelligent event data directly in their demand forecasting platform. This will mean customers can make smarter decisions around promotions, forecasting and replenishment and more.

Why it matters

Better understand your consumers by unlocking demand insights

Many retailers and CPG businesses already use SymphonyAI’s powerful supplier collaboration and customer-centric retailing tools to grow revenue and optimize operations. With the addition of PredictHQ’s demand intelligence, retailers and CPGs can now get even more out of the platform to improve personalized promotions around events, increase loyalty, better understand consumers through events, and for brick and mortar stores, drive more foot traffic and visits.

Get started with SymphonyAI Retail | CPG + PredictHQ

Connect with PredictHQ and SymphonyAI Retail | CPG advisors or reach out to your SymphonyAI customer success team members to evaluate getting started with PredictHQ’s intelligent event data and SymphonyAI’s platform.

  • Determine what drives demand

    Work with the PredictHQ team to discover what types of events from 19+ categories impact your specific business. Concerts may really impact one business whereas Live TV events may impact another.

  • Create and use the AI models that you need

    Build responsive forecasts and scenario planning by factoring in holidays, observances and college dates, which drive people movement and purchasing.

  • Improve forecasting and see results

    Have confidence in reliable models that have accurate, relevant data incorporated so you can invest your team’s time in driving results.

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