Webinar: Quarterly Product Release – July 2023

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Welcome to our July 2023 Quarterly Product Release Webinar! In this session, PredictHQ Director of Customer Success JJ Mills will walk you through the ins and outs of five new updates: 

  • Collect feedback about events within your own application with Loop Links

    Loop is a customer feedback tool that allows users to submit missing events or feedback on events that are already in our product. We’ve now released Loop Links, which allows PredictHQ customers and partners to integrate the Loop functionality for users to submit missing events and event feedback via their own application.

  • Updates to our web application 

    Introducing more control over sorting your search results and the ability to set up a default location for your account within Control Center, our web application.

  • Find out how youth sports events impact your business

    We’re excited to announce youth sports for the US have been added to the PredictHQ platform! Youth sports events have a notable impact on nearby restaurants, accommodation providers, transportation companies, restaurants, parking operators, and more.

  • More ways to access Predicted Event Spend figures

    While still in its Beta phase, we’ve made Predicted Event Spend (PES) figures available via our Events API, Snowflake, and Amazon Data Exchange. If you are already using any of these in your own environment, you will start seeing PES figures right away.

  • See recurring events up to a year in advance with Synthetic Events

    Why wait for providers to release events before we show them to our users? That’s the same question we asked ourselves when coming up with this new enhancement. Earlier this year, we released Predicted Events, a new event state that lets you see events before certain details, like an exact time, are established. We’ve further enhanced this event state with what we call Synthetic Events.

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