Webinar: Quarterly Product Release – January 2023

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Welcome to our January 2023 Quarterly Product Release Webinar! In this session, PredictHQ Customer Experience Engineer Heath Blandford and Senior Data Analyst Jesse Ashton will show you the ins and outs of five new updates: 

Introducing Predicted Events – which are events that haven’t been scheduled or even announced yet, but are predicted to occur based on years of historical event, entity, demand and venue data. 

Placekey is now available in PredictHQ products and features – so you can easily join our intelligent event data with other datasets that also use Placekey. Joint data provides a larger, more diverse set of data for machine learning models to work with, opening up the opportunity to ask different questions and try new use cases.

Location Insights is a tool in our web application that makes it easy for you to add and track the locations that are important to your business. This feature is now available via our API so you can leverage it in your internal applications. Also, you can now select categories and a custom date range for your location pages.

PredictHQ tracks key academic event dates for every US college that has over 5,000 students, and is the only source for this data. Now, these events are included in our Feature Engineering notebook – so you can learn how to use academic event data with complete directions and examples of the dataset, and unlock actionable insight into the events that directly impact student behavior.

Beam is PredictHQ’s Demand Analysis tool you can leverage to identify what events have impacted your demand in the past, to help you make better decisions in the future. With Beam, you simply upload your demand data, and it shows you the correlation against events data, so you can see how events and what types of events have historically impacted your demand.

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